About Us

Welcome Home - About Boxcar House

Our Mission

At Boxcar House, we believe home is more than the furniture inside and the decor that adorns the shelves. We believe the home is about family, relationships, and shared moments with friends old and new. Our mission is to help each of our customers make their homes feel more inviting and find pieces that tell a story.

Our Story

Boxcar House is family owned and was founded in the Spring of 2016 in Frisco, Texas. The town of Frisco was birthed out of the railroad system, it was even named after the St. Louis, San Francisco railroad that has run through the area since 1849. Incorporated in 1908, Frisco remained a very small town until the 1990's. Boxcar House owner Delisea Carter captures this small town feel and rich history in the shop. 

Boxcar House features furniture made from authentic, reclaimed boxcar wood and machinery from train cars active in the 1920’s through the 1970’s. These cars traveled all across North America, and no two pieces are alike. Attention is paid to every detail from start to finish as the craftsman salvage the wood, number each plank, and build each piece with planks from the same boxcar. Every mark aligns the way it did before, preserving the character of these pieces of American history.

Delisea's southern roots and love for all things family inspire the decor and home goods featured in the shop. "We want people to be able to enjoy a part of the Boxcar style no matter their budget," Delisea says, and it's this kind of inclusive, warm atmosphere you'll feel when meeting her and the staff, the "Boxcar family." When you visit Boxcar House, you'll always find friendly faces to help you discover the perfect piece of furniture, give you tips on styling your decor, or even just share a good story and a laugh. 


Our Values

From the white-glove delivery service to the charity events Boxcar sponsors, the company values of Customer Service & Philanthropy shine through in everything Boxcar House is a part of. "It's about the customers, our customers are a part of the family," says Delisea. So take a look around the site or stop by and say hello, we'd love to meet you and say "welcome to the family."