Willow Gold Larger Pierced Bowl

Introducing the Willow Gold Larger Pierced Bowl – a stunning piece crafted from cast aluminum, adorned with a rustic brass finish. This unique bowl features captivating openings that give the appearance of artful rippling, adding a touch of intrigue. A dark vein of color gracefully swirls around the bowl's interior, gently spilling to the outside.

A true attention-grabber, the Willow Gold Larger Pierced Bowl stands out effortlessly, whether showcased on its own or incorporated into a curated display. Elevate your decor with this distinctive bowl that seamlessly blends artistic flair with rustic charm.

Key Features:

  • Cast aluminum construction for durability
  • Rustic brass finish for a timeless appeal
  • Artfully pierced openings create visual interest
  • Dark vein of color enhances the bowl's captivating design
  • 18 x 17 x 5.5 (in)