Villa Fragrance Diffuser

Experience the luxury of whole home scenting. The versatility of our Villa Scent Diffuser allows you to connect it to your HVAC system or enjoy as a stand-alone unit, filling your entire space with your favorite Arlo scent. Its atomizer and built-in fan allow for even and efficient coverage of large open spaces.

Enjoy a personalized experience with a programmable weekly timer to best fit your scenting schedule and potency. A security lock for the fragrance compartment and the ability to “lock” the settings ensures that no one tampers with your unit.

Utilizing cold-air diffusion technology, the Villa Scent Diffuser turns fragrance oil into a dry nano-mist. With this method, scent stays suspended in the air longer and has better coverage. Using no heat or water, it preserves the therapeutic properties of our fragrance oils without altering their smell.  This type of advanced atomization technology is residue free and safe for children and pets.