Diploma Desk

This design reflects a traditional drafting table while incorporating smaller boxcar springs and accents of boxcar floor grates. The steel floor grates were used to hold the floor to the train car frame and also served as a wash grate for cargo spillage. The Diploma Desk mechanically pivots with handmade mechanisms and is indeed a work of art.  

This desk allows for interchangeable tops and bases. Select from the drop down to choose from different top and base combinations. Each of our top options can be viewed in the product photos section.

We also create completely custom pieces. Choose height, top size, color and more for a unique piece to fit your space. Request a quote by filling out the form on our Contact Page.

Railroad Avenue 1945 - (Diploma) Clearance or service letter; fake service letter.

(Piece shown is fitted with a 3' x 5' reclaimed cargo floor top and is 33 ¼" high.)